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Sure Shot

Do you want to become successful programmer? Then Join our "Sure Shot" Program.

A unique course, design as per Industry needs. This course will boost you with the great programming energy with world's most demanding programming languages.

about course

Sure Shot is an introduction to the design and implementation of programming languages. From the design point of view, we will study language features as tools for expressing algorithms. From the implementation point of view, we will study compilers, interpreters, and virtual machines as tools to map those features efficiently onto modern computer hardware. The course will touch on a wide variety of languages, both past and present, with an emphasis on modern imperative languages, such as C, C++ and Java, and scripting languages such as Python. Rather than dwell on the features of any particular language, we will focus instead on fundamental concepts, and on the differences between languages, the reasons for those differences, and the implications those differences have for language implementation.

Practical use of following tools:

  • IDE: intelliJ, PyCharm, Spyder, Jupiter Notebook, Eclipse NetBeans
  • Framework: Spring, Django, Flask
  • Introduction to GitHub

English Spoken

BIITS also offers complete spoken english course with this program.


  • starts 26 August, 2019
  • duration 6 Month
  • class duration 3 hours
  • skill level All level
  • language English
  • students Limited Seats
  • assesments Self

Registration Open